With this article ending a long drought of blogs, I would like to announce that my proposal for GSoC 2017 has been selected!

What is GSoC?

Google conducts the Google Summer of Code program once every year, funding open source projects under some open source organizations. It’s meant to promote open source development.

What is my organization?

I will be working with MovingBlocks - Terasology. Terasology is a open-source voxel world game similar to Minecraft. It is very extensible, has easy modding support and aims to have a variety of gameplay modes.

What is my project?

My project is to to add Anatomy system and Genome integrations into the game. In short, I plan to add anatomy to creatures and an easily extensible system for effects like broken bones, a bleeding leg and more. The second part of my project is integrating genetics with plants and animals to vary their stats and encourage breeding/taming.

My primary mentor is xtariq and secondary mentors are jellysnake and mandarj.

I plan to start blogging again and keeping track of my progress here. Expect a new post whenever major features are added. :smile: