My plans for the summer

This summer I am planning to start seriously contributing to open source software. I’m participating in the WnCC Seasons of Code which is based on the GSoC model and I’ve chosen to do the Mozilla Quarter of Contribution. The project that I’ve finally chosen (after a lot of indecisiveness) is wptview.

My project - wptview

Wptview is a web platform test viewer. It is used for viewing the results of web-platform-tests and for easy visual comparison between different tests results. I’ve already fixed some issues from both frontend and backend, due to which I’m now quite familiar with the codebase.

Agenda for wptview

The agenda for this summer as given here is mainly a complete revamp of the UI and file structure and to add some basic unit tests to wptview. I’ve learnt a lot of AngularJS over the past few weeks by reading the code and contributing to it. My mentors for this project are Kalpesh Krishna and James Graham.

What am I expecting?

This summer promises to be a great learning experience for me as well as getting to know some awesome guides! Along with wptview, I also plan to contribute to Perfherder which is a web-based tool to monitor Mozilla browser(Firefox and Servo) performances.